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Public Statement: Board President Ryan Jergensen, DDS

I speak on my own, and do not represent the school, district, or board.

I and the One Sunol group continue to stand for what unites us as a people: our rights as human beings, and the liberties the Constitution and Bill of Rights identify. We look for what brings us together, which is care for the rising generation. The students who attend Sunol Glen should be nourished at our public school.

While those who want this recall SAY that they are for ALL, their actions show they are not looking out for the welfare of ALL students. Some of these people are our neighbors who live in Sunol and are a vocal minority of people who want conformity of thought to their beliefs. They have shown intolerance of differing ideas and have been telling others to not speak with me or Linda Hurley.  They refuse to utilize one of the greatest benefits of living in a small community: the ability to talk with each other and share understanding.

Others from out of town have also contributed to dividing our community. The person filing all the documents for this recall at the county registrar voters lives in another city and is not a voter here. It has been reported that large outside organizations have donated tens of thousands of dollars to affect a divisive change and a special recall ballot initiative that would cost the school $17,000 or maybe more.

Sadly, my children, four of the Sunol Glen students, have been mistreated by the people who oppose us. My children must face signs disparaging their name as they make their way to their classrooms. They have endured an adult yelling in opposition to them in the school parking lot. They had to vacate our home following multiple death threats which shouted at us to "hide your children."

Our group, One Sunol, is made up of people from all walks of life in our town. Everyone should be welcome! We spoke with a veteran today who said he supports us, because he fought for a country that unites under the United States flag. We spoke with a business owner who, while he understands our position, fears speaking openly, because he does not want his business ventures to suffer. Some are afraid of the attacking tactics those who want the recall have used. One such tactic has been to label me in ways that are shameful. In hopes to dispel rumors that the opposition is spreading about me, I am NOT anti-LGBTQ+, and none of my efforts have ever been about banning flags or limiting teachers' or anyone's opportunity for free speech. I have stood for uniting our community, and for nourishing children in the public school.

I hope that the efforts of those standing with me to reject this divisive recall will give all courage to stand for One Sunol, and for everyone to feel welcome and treated with respect and dignity in our community.


Ryan W. Jergensen, DDS

Sunol Glen Unified School District

Governing Board President



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