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Quotes from Anonymous Parents

Below are some quotes from Sunol Glen parents, who gave permission to share anonymously. They have expressed fear of retaliation if they share their names. They fear the divisive elements in and out of our community.

Regarding the Sunol Glen Families Face Book group:

"I am sick of them nitpicking every single thing and making an issue out of nothing."

"80% of the conversations in the [Sunol FB] groups happen from folks who have zero connection to school. And if you don't have a far left view, then you are either silenced or too afraid to speak in the group."

Others said:

"I feel, there is an aggressive expression of opinion, you or any family getting threats is beyond imagination and it has no place in or around the school or in our community."

"You have our full support and at the end, votes matter and I intend going door to door doing my best. Also, we are not against any beliefs, but disagree how your decision was misrepresented. Recently the issue is the hostile environment around the school!"

"I just want to hear alternative voices. Not the same 4 people spouting off about their personal opinions and acting as if it's facts."

"I fully support what you are doing but I'm getting so much pressure from people on the other side that I'm going to stay neutral in the public, but I would never sign [for the recall] and will talk to others. Keep looking out for our school."

"Certain school parents bully others, trying to get others thinking the exact way they do or they are made to feel like outsiders if they don't conform."

This is just a sampling of the many messages and conversations of people that agree, but feel too bullied by certain residents who have not genuinely made ALL feelings and ALL thoughts and ALL people feel welcome in Sunol.

-One Sunol

Resist the Sunol Recall - One Sunol



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