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Signature Removal

Sunolians are Using Petition Signature Withdrawal to Withdraw from Signing for the Recall

We have heard from some, not just a few, unfortunate stories of voters and individuals in Sunol being coerced and pressured without adequate information to make a quick decision to sign the recall petitions for Ryan and/or Linda.

These recall petitions will be turned in to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters by the proponents of these recall efforts and will be on record for the county to view and check the validity of each signature. We urge you to gather as much information as you can regarding this divisive recall, those behind it, the actions of all involved on all sides of these issues, and engage in civil discussion to learn and make an informed decision based in fact rather than emotion or coercion. Please consider if you don't owe it to yourself and this small, close community to talk and get to know Linda and/or Ryan to better understand their views and goals to try to help this school and community, prior to signing to recall them.

One individual even reported being told by a proponent that their signature would be kept secret and no one would ever know that they had also signed for these recall efforts. We are sad to hear of these and other tactics being used, and stand against it.

If you feel that you have signed the recall petitions due to pressure, or without adequate information, or would simply not like to go on record as having signed for these divisive recalls, please consider downloading, printing and signing one of these pdf pages below, or call us, or email us at and we can bring you one to sign and remove your name from these recall efforts that are attacking and tearing our town apart.

We have already been helping others in Sunol to do just that, and would be happy to help you in this regard also.

All the best,

OneSunol, to oppose the recall of Dr. Ryan Jergensen and Linda Hurley

Download PDF • 124KB

Download PDF • 124KB



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