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Sunol Parents and Residents Launch Anti-Recall Committee

December 13, 2023

SUNOL, CA -- Today, a large group of Sunol parents and residents launched a Committee to REJECT THE RECALL, called ONE SUNOL. ONE SUNOL is organized to reject the outsider-driven and divisive recall of Sunol Glen Unified School District Trustees Dr. Ryan Jergensen and Linda Hurley. ONE SUNOL strongly urges Sunol voters to REJECT THE RECALL and REFUSE TO SIGN.

Reject the Sunol Recall

"Certain members of our community have attacked us unfairly and they have teamed with outsiders from Oakland, San Jose, Fremont and Castro Valley. Those outsiders and some residents have spent the last three months meddling in our small community, trying to instigate a political movement that the majority of local Sunol residents don't want to be a part of," said one longtime Sunol Resident, a member of One Sunol. "Our community must stand together and reject these activists' divisive politics. We Sunol residents stand opposed to the activist and outsider-driven recall of Dr. Jergensen and Ms. Hurley. We must stand united as One Sunol."

"The misinformation and personal attacks made by pro-recall activists is dividing our community," said another member of One Sunol. "These two school board members and their families have received death threats. One Sunol urges each Sunol voter to reject this divisive recall attempt - let's bring our Sunol community back together in support of our school, our students and our parents."

As we saw again last night at our small school board meeting, political activist groups including those from the East Bay, including Oakland, Hayward and Fremont, have taken over Sunol with misinformation and outright lies to polarize our small community. Protests and rallies were here in front of our school again yesterday by outsiders from Castro Valley. These individuals, also working for Alameda County DA’s office, brought in news crews with their broadcasting of a rally at our quaint town. We as a community can work through our differences and come together if the divisiveness and inviting in of outsiders will stop. Let’s make our school welcoming to all students and families living here in Sunol.

We are strongest as a community when we have unity and are not divided. Let us look for what unites us rather than what divides. We can be diverse and come together as a community, as One Nation, and as One Sunol.

To learn more about One Sunol, and the outsider-driven and divisive recall attempt, or help our effort, stay tuned in through To donate to our efforts, you may do so through the link at the top of each page.



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