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Too much Recall Misinformation

Inform Sunol - Letter to the Editor                                                   June 16th, 2024

Dear Sunolians,

I hope you are all enjoying your Father's Day weekend, and time with loved ones.  I find myself again greeted with an unfortunate email bringing more divisiveness, outright lies, misinformation and fighting to our small town and school.Mr. Romo is shockingly reckless in his assertions for someone who claims to know the law.  Ted is unfortunately incorrect again in his claim that I "unilaterally determined not to include [a flag resolution] in the agenda" of our next meeting.  Ted knows full well that the decision was made by our Superintendent and me after discussing with our district's attorney.   He received the same email guidance from legal that I did, instructing us to not include this item on the agenda at this time.  I am shocked at the outright lies and misinformation Ted sends out at full speed to our community. 


Ted flouts our bylaws, flouts state code, and has our attorneys disagreeing with his assertions. A legal firm quit working for our district because of the questionable legal moves he makes. He frustrates our past and current legal counsel and fellow trustees.  It is a great thing that Ted is not the current Board President, as he would do even more to put our school at risk--a school he doesn't even have kids attending.  

Ted sure is persistent.  I was happy to discuss flags or whatever other topic Ted wants and voted with him to do so at the last meeting.  That topic is not some big agenda item to me as others claim.  It sure seems to be Ted's little crusade though.


My focus has been to get to what matters most in the school--the students, their well-being, academics, all families, and the district as a whole.


I understand why it is probably very easy for people to want to believe the information that Ted puts out with clever arguments and framing, despite so much of it being twisted and untrue.  I feel bad for what this community is having to go through and genuinely wish the best for this community, and the school, regardless of who is on the board.


I will continue to invite all, Ted included, to do better in the discourse surrounding this little country school. As always, I can only speak for myself and not for the board, but I look forward to hearing from all in our community at our board meeting Tuesday.  You are welcome to email me.


Ryan Jergensen



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