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What We Stand For

This is our response to a Pleasanton reporter from our Committee:

We are a group of Sunolians called "One Sunol" that stands opposed to this divisive recall.

 We believe in Honesty, Fairness, Dignity, and Respect for ALL.  There has been misinformation, verbal attacks, and outright lies in our community created by a few Sunol residents and a large group from outside our community.  For example, the two board members they are trying to recall received threats of death for their lives and the lives of their families.  We stand apart from the recall folks most distinctively because we are able to see the diversity in our community and welcome ALL people and families to participate equally in our community. We welcome everyone and want to actually demonstrate it genuinely, so all may feel that welcoming and not feel the current in-fighting and division.  

Yes, we recognize there is a group of residents that are for the recall. Yet the assertion that they are the majority is a bold, unfounded claim.  The election hasn't happened yet.  They haven't even gathered signatures yet.  We have a large group of leaders in our community that are usually silent, but are now standing up to publicly support our effort against the recall.  There are also numerous other Sunolians that support us, but are afraid to publicly stand with us, because they are afraid of being attacked by those who are unwelcoming and resort to bullying.  

People of Sunol are rallying behind us because of our common sense stance and they see that our One Sunol group treats everyone with fairness, dignity, and respect.  It is encouraging that more and more people come to stand with us. They share that they are disappointed by the misinformation and lies coming from the recall group.  The recall group has silenced free communication and conversation and tells people in Sunol to not even talk to One Sunol, President Jergensen, or Trustee Hurley.  We encourage and ask, yet again, for anyone that is for the recall, or not sure, to take a moment to talk with President Jergensen or Trustee Hurley face to face, to better understand who they are and what they stand for.

Not driven by outsiders?  Good question.  Look a little deeper.

The recall committee is headquartered in San Jose.  Their Treasurer has a San Jose address.  Their assistant Treasurer has a San Jose address.  Their principal officer has a Fremont address.  Other additional officers are located in Alamo and Fremont also.

Also interesting, their draft recall petitions boldly list their top 3 supporters and endorsers who are not from Sunol.  One is a Pleasanton Resident who sits on a board that is not based in Sunol and she never physically visited our meetings in the last 2 years except to encourage these recent recall efforts.

We want the fighting and division to end.  We want to recognize that our greatest strength lies in our Unity as a nation and as a community, and not in our division.  We want people to be kind and accepting even with differences of opinions, beliefs, the way people live or look, etc.

We want all in Sunol to feel their voices are welcome and heard.  With an expensive burdensome school bond on tax payers, we stand for Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility, and creative solutions.  

Now, the most important response to your question is regarding anonymity.  Our phone messages and inboxes around Sunol are replete with concerns from residents who have similar thoughts of wanting differing views to be free to be expressed, but they state that they are scared of being attacked publicly like President Jergensen and Trustee Hurley. No one in our community wants false claims of being aligned with "hate groups" or having the resulting death threats that came to President Jergensen's family and Trustee Hurley's family stating that they deserve to die because of the alleged affiliation with the "hate groups."  They and others in the community have been publicly accused of "bigotry."  Some people in Sunol will not talk to them.  They have had their character drug through the mud in our town square.  No one wants that.  The recall committee is all out attacking and bringing a war into our town that no one on our side wants.  One Sunol is happy to sit at the table and peacefully work toward resolution and a coming together of our community.

-One Sunol Board of Directors



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